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Morgan Picks LLC (Phase I)

Morgan Picks LLC is a real estate investment firm specializing in distressed properties. They were using Microsoft Excel to manage their Purchase, Eviction, and Rehab to Sale processes. After 2 years of growth, with 85 active properties and 400 properties in their portfolio, the Company outgrew the spreadsheet solution. Only one person could update any of the 6 spreadsheets at any one time. This became a major roadblock. In addition, the data in this format could not provide metrics reporting.

Simetra developed a SQL database and Microsoft Access Solution to manage their Purchase, Eviction, Rehab, Listing, Escrow, and Sale processes. Simetra used SQL Server to build the database and tables for the system. The data was imported from the spreadsheet system at final installation. The new system enables multiple users to access and query the portfolio at any point in time during the process and have the data delivered to them via Excel for analysis. In addition, Simetra used the Quickbooks SDK to link QuickBooks data with the Access database, allowing them to update each property's Financial data directly.

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Morgan Picks LLC (Phase II)

Morgan Picks, a real estate investment firm, successfully implemented a custom SQL and Microsoft Access database developed by Simetra. As Morgan Picks expanded their use, project managers experienced connectivity interruptions on some property sites. Our team developed a separate database and interface to allow for database input while a user is offline. A standalone rehab application allows the offline users to add property scope’s while on the property site. Using MS SQL Merge Replication subscriptions of Phase I database were created and published to each property manager’s mobile device. Each mobile device had a subset of the active database allowing for database input while offline. Once internet connection is reestablished, offline changes can synchronize with Active Database as required. We take a team approach. Our Simetra experts check that the data has been synched weekly by user and ensure the active database is current and stable. (See Phase I)

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Affiliate Group of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA)

The organization had outgrown an aging and outdated single-user, on-premise database system that was at the end of its maintenance life. It was critical to move data to a modern reliable system without disruption. Simetra created a customized MS Access system interface using a Microsoft SQL server backend. Our team created a cloud-based system allowing for multi-user access with secure automatic backup. We worked with the organization to create custom categories of contacts, improving usability and data quality. Complete data was migrated successfully maintaining integrity and accuracy of historical data. The new system enables reports and data to be delivered via MS Excel, MS Word or PDF.

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An Entertainment Company

An entertainment company, tasked Simetra with a way to save time in producing complex royalty calculations based on Television industry data. The calculation required the amalgamation of millions of rows of TV program air time data in both the US and various international countries. Simetra developed a SQL Data warehouse that consumes data from two sources:

  • Daily feeds in the form of zip files from a TV program air time service via ftp.
  • Rate and producer information from an internal application written in Microsoft Access.

Simetra used SQL Server 2016 to build the database and tables for the system. SQL Server Integration Service packages were developed for the ETL process that talks to the subscription ftp server and downloads the daily feed. The data is aggregated and mapped to specific data from the internal application. Our client has access to this data for analysis via Excel Power Pivot.

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Fredric H. Rubel Jewelers

Fredric H. Rubel Jewelers is a retail store in Southern California with multiple locations, specializing in luxury brands and custom jewelry. Simetra was hired to modernize their legacy operations database which included a main module, and modules for inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, repairs and reports. Simetra successfully migrated their historical data to a new SQL Server database and re-wrote each module in a VB.NET Desktop application. Reports were migrated to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Our experts worked with the client to streamline data processes for their sales and operations, optimizing their workflow. Simetra hosts the application in a terminal server cloud environment saving the client thousands of dollars in equipment costs and IT expenses. Multiple client users can connect to the cloud server to run the application improving usability and data quality. Simetra takes a team approach. We pride ourselves on providing long-term value. This application has been in use by the customer since 2010 and we continue to keep it up-to-date with new modules and reports.

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